Readers of "Why Does He Do That?" - Lundy Bancroft

Thank You!

Thank you for coming to this page and supporting the movement of people who've now read this very powerful book by Lundy Bancroft. I was so inspired by the information in this book I wanted to share it with as many people as I could - so I purchased 3 copies from for a mere $10.80 each + $5 postage with the intention of creating a movement. The goal is for people to read the book then pass it on, by signing the "Guestbook" page we will be able to track the journey of each book. 


If you feel this book has changed your life or that it has the potential to change someone else's life, please consider buying a copy of this book and doing what I have done - get it out into the community, to the people who need it most, they are your friends, family, work colleagues and random strangers... some of these people don't even know they are being abused, but they are desperately unhappy and need answers to pull them out of the fog they have found themselves in by being with an abuser.


To donate a copy of this book please refer to the "Spread the Word" page for instructions - you will then be able to track your copy of the book via the "Guestbook" as well. I think it's a neat idea to 'pay-it-forward' and if your contribution helps even one person free themself from an abusive relationship, then isn't it worth it? Readers of your donated book can be directed to this website to join 'the revolution' and show their appreciation to the author Lundy Bancroft for writing such a wonderful book, as he has done a service to millions.


Please do not leave this book sitting on a shelf gathering dust, it is far too valuable and powerful and that would be a huge injustice. I managed to read half of the book in one week but then I struggled to read the second half of the book because it was a bit more detailed - after 5 more weeks I finally finished it. In retrospect if you make it to page 170 you will have learnt the key elements and can with confidence pass the book on. It's great if you can read the whole thing but it would be better to keep this resource moving then sitting stagnant and unread. Please aim to read as much of this book as you can in 1 - 2 weeks. I know it's not a lot of time, but the faster you can pass it onto the next person the more people it will help - if it's going to take you several weeks to read then perhaps consider buying your own copy to read at your leisure.


If you've just finished reading one of these books please add your initials to the guestbook and indicate which copy of the book you got ahold of - books belonging to this movement should be coded in the inside cover. hope people will get behind this project, keep the books moving, track their journey and spread the word - together we can create a revolution!


With all my love and best wishes,


Beccis - April 2011 

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